Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crazy sh*t you find on Youtube when you can't sleep

I'm always amazed at some of the stuff people put on you tube...wacky weird...usually makes you laugh at how ef'd up some people are (case in point, the star wars kid)...but what's better is when someone takes the video and does stuff to it and makes it awesome...(like some people did to the star wars kid)

But this one kicks ass like ass has never been kicked....some wacky ol' hillbilly lady boozin and making up a song (I'm surprised she 1) knew how to use a digital camera 2) has a computer 3) knows what the Internet is and 4) knew how to download the video)...and through the power of digital technology, the tune is now a hit !

Take it away toothless Suzie !

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Does she actually belch at minute 1:15? I'm pretty sure she does!