Friday, December 31, 2010

Tron: Letdown

It really is too bad that these clowns in Hollywood can't take the time to craft a good story. They spend millions on sub par actors and effects and then gloss over a script.

Case in point, Tron:Legacy. Much like the new Star Wars trilogy, I was excited (some my say 'pee my pants' excited) about the release of these flicks. When Star Wars episode 1 came out I was pumped...I thought 'this SHOULD be a movie that kicks all movies collective asses'...and while it, and it's sequels, looked cool (sometimes) the stories out right sucked ass.

Then comes Tron:Legacy...a sequel to a movie from 1982. The original didn't have the most groundbreaking story, however, it made sense and was fun. And the visuals were amazing for the time.

I had thought that, since it has been almost 30 years, they had enough time to create an amazing story that would blow everyone away. I mean, god good, technology has exploded since 1982....The Internet, Wifi, Viruses, everyone and their dog has a smart phone and a laptop and an ipod...they could have done so much

and they failed...

So here's the story in a nutshell (SPOILERS).

Flynn (hotshot from the original) disappears around 1992...he was working on something groundbreaking....flash forward to today...his son is now the biggest shareholder of Encom (and because of his lack of daddy he's the stereotypical rebel rich kid who doesn't give a s**t). Alan Bradley (Tron from the first one) gets a page from Flynn's old arcade (been closed since 1992....) so Sam (spoiled rich kid) goes to check it out. He enters a secret room behind the Tron video game and sits down at the old computer desk from the first one and then gets shot into the computer. (all of this is in 2D as well...the 3D starts when he enters the computer).

So far so good.

Then the bad story begins. He's picked up by a recognizer...possibly believed to be a stray program and taken to the sirens who dress him like a program...

OK...we've only begun and I have my first problem. In the first one, when he was 'beamed' into the computer he was already in his program outfit....I can let this slide a bit since Flynn created this world and the, I'll leave that for now....

Then after being changed to his new gear off to the games....I have a big problem with this. The games make no sense in the context of this movie. In the first one, arcade games were all the rage...and that's what Flynn was trying to find inside master control...and master control was running programs though the games for kicks. Here...they would have had no why would there be light cycles ?


I realized that I'm now bored recounting the flick so I'll just cut to other issues I have...
Quorra makes a comment that CLU's people can't come out their hideout, yet they do. Funny he would use CLU again since his original CLU program was a search program and was derezzed by Master Control....
Sheen's character made no sense and the whole scene could have been cut.
The basic story was the same as the first.
The whole Tron didn't die but was bad (Renzler) then just was good again (a la Darth Vader) thing was plain old stupid.

And how was Quorra able to be in the real world ?

Anyway...good things about the flick...The effects kicked ass ! The addition of Dillinger's kid for another sequel was a good idea, and 13 is hot.

Here's what they should have done...
Dillinger's kid is a hot shot hacker and hacks into Encom to create s**t as revenge for his dad being ousted. He finds corrupt code that he messes with and soon realizes that he's managed to rebuild Master Control. He figures he can use the master control to create an awesome virus that will ruin Encom (and make him rich ?)...but of course Master Control has other ideas...The whole idea of Flynn creating a new world is fine, but here's where it could get interesting...Master control finds a way to hack into their system and pulls the kid in to punish Flynn...meaning, I'm gonna wack you kid in cyber then Flynn gets Alan to upgrade Tron (2.0 ?) and they both go in after Sam.
Then you have the Internet, Massive Online Games like WOW etc, Viruses etc to play with in the cyber world.
And away you go...this could have been an awesome story.

But, if you haven't seen the first one or can't remember it...then this flick might be pretty good to you.
Go see it and make up you own mind...for me it was about 60%.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I don't care who knows it....I like Ben Affleck

I like Ben Affleck. Yes, that's right. Not as much as I like Brad Pitt, but he's a close second. I like the fact that this guy has done his time doing all sorts of shit movies and has now become a 'Film Maker'. He's now hit that point where he can do quality movies and not have to do shite scripts so he can eat. (it is true that he was in He's Not That Into You last year....I'm hoping this is the last time he shows up in that kind of crap)

Gone Baby Gone was a fantastic directorial debut, not to mention script (I don't count I killed my lesbian wife, hung her on a hook, and now I have a 3 picture deal with Disney as his first since he was like 20 and I can't believe they took it that serious)

I just watched The Town the other night. This one he was the main character, director and shared writing on the screenplay. As far as I'm concerned, another home run. Not as good as Gone Baby Gone but damn close. Any movie that has this line in it kicks ass

Doug MacRay: I need your help. I can't tell you what it is, you can never ask me about it later, and we're gonna hurt some people.
James Coughlin: ...Whose car we takin'?

If you haven't seen Gone Baby Gone or The Town, rent them now...they are both great flicks !

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Great sign in front of a pub

I wish I was out with my wife 'shopping' and came across this is really hard to argue that this is a great's free daycare people...for guys like me !!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas draws near

We're getting down to the last few weeks before Christmas...the busy time. Not necessarily good family busy. Work busy too. This means 1 possibly 2 trips out to job sites before we settle in for our long winters nap.I may have to schedule a few trips to visit the neighbor provinces sometime next week. Let's just say, I'm not too excited about visiting Esterhazy this time of year....Vancouver ? That's not so bad...
Back at the home front, Boy #1 is starting to really get the Santa thang but I don't think he really gets what he does (just that when he sees a fat guy in Red he knows it's Christmas)...we don't want to explain too much because up until now he's kind's ignored the presents under the tree...I think if he really understood what those where he'd have them outta' the wrapping paper in seconds.
Boy #2 is just happy to be hangin' out.
Christmas is at our place this year so we'll be doin' the full on turkey dinner (there has been talk of Christmas if that happens there will definitely be Christmas Tron)
Hopefully we get a nice dusting of Snow on Christmas day so we can take in some sledding.
Other than that, other upcoming events are our company Christmas Party, Flames game on the 13th, Dinner with Friends, a going away party for friends, work work and more work....and then full on relax !
2011 will be the year of the vacation ! SO SAYS ME !