Friday, February 25, 2011

Just got back

Just got back from Beijing...I'll update once I've downloaded all of my pictures.

Here's a couple to wet your whistle.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Captain America - f**k yah !

Here's what the trailer should have looked (or sounded) like. AWESOME !

X-men First Class Trailer

I'm going with the fact that Mathew Vaughn is not a hack like Ratner so this movie should be good...
Great background music for setting tone

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

R.I.P Gary Moore

I just read that Gary Moore past away on the weekend by heart attack. He was a fantastic guitar player. I was turned onto him by my favourite dude Vivian Campbell and like a lot of what he did...some was ultra cheesy and some was boring, but for the most part pretty darn good.
Here's a couple tunes from when I got hooked...back in those great days known as the 80's

Monday, February 7, 2011


Why is it, in a city that could get a dump of snow 12 months out of the year and usually gets them anywhere from Sept to April, people are stunned whenever they see the white stuff ????

Every time we get more than a dusting it's as if it's something completely new and people drive like Jack-asses....

I didn't even bother today after taking almost 1.5 hours to drive what is normally 15 minutes...I gave up and worked from home....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feb Travel

Looks like I'll be chalking up some air miles in about a week or so. I just got the call to get my butt over to Beijing. This is an interesting time over there since it's the Chinese New Year. in the past, I've always either been there just before or right after...never during the celebrations. One of the things I will be happy to see will be the lantern festival (see picture). I believe this is on Feb 17th.

I'll be sure to take as many pictures as possible (along with try to do some updates on the food).

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The last man-cation...... ?

The question mark adds a lot to a sentence that says....'the last'....much like the end of the 1980's Flash Gordon...when it said THE END....and then a question mark appeared.....hmmmm.....ominous

Well, for now, the last man-cation will be on March 16th in London...just in time for Saint Patrick's Day. I know I know, you would think I'd go to Ireland...but I started these in England I'll finish them there.

So, why the question mark you ask ? Mostly, because I believe [strongly] that they will begin some fashion....once the boys get older. And when they hit 18, I'll take them on their first man-cation. [to the UK of course].

So...when will they be 'old enough' to allow ol' dad to go visit pubs across the pond ? That is the unknown's a game of wait and see. Mom will need her own mom-cation I'm sure...her last one was with a friend to San Fran and that seems like a distant memory now.

So, this means I have to enjoy the s**t outta this one ! No, burning a day away with headaches from the night gone early late mornings...this one will be a marathon...each morning filled with a proper fry up (and a stout ?), afternoons with pints, fish and chips and miles put on the feet, and nights of pints, chit chat with locals (try to get to the #MEATEASY...see previous post), and pictures of pubs...AND DAMMIT, THIS TIME I'M GETTING MY SUNDAY ROAST !!!! The last few trips we've hummed and hawed from pub to pub and then by the time we wanted to sit and eat, the damn things were done.

I will do my best to document this one on the I recall we came across numerous pubs with free wireless so i should be able to log on and download the pics...

It's now Feb 1st, so only a month an a half until we're underway....