Monday, March 14, 2011

2012 ?

When you look at the news it sure does seem like doomsday 2012 might be fast approaching....massive earthquakes in Christchurch, Japan, China, and Haiti. Civil unrest in Yemen, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya and Saudi....drought it Australia, Lindsay Lohan still not in Jail and Charlie Sheen drinking Tiger Blood and WINNING !

I know I complain about where we live, but I think when the 2012/Zombie Apocalypse arrives we'll be pretty safe. There are no earthquakes here, hardly any tornadoes. If a massive tsunami were to head this way it would never get over the mountains to the event of the zombies, we do have enough out door stores to loot for guns and ammo...and if that's all gone, there are plenty of hockey sticks around that can cleave the undead's head off and enough open space to see them coming for miles.

We have plenty of fresh water, a growing season (even though short) and enough live game that we should be able to keep ourselves alive if the power goes out and utter anarchy erupts.

Well, maybe it's time to update my emergency kit (just to add a few case the Zombies do show up)


boywonder said...

You are delusional if you think you can find a deer to eat with 1,000,000 other gun toting idiots when sit-x hits. And oh yeah, the Bow Glacier is gonna be done in 20 years. Good luck with that emergency kit.

Spud said...

Yay! Once everything devolves into anarchy here I will finally have my chance to become a warlord!