Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's March already


It's already March...not that you can tell outside with this -30 crap. That means that summer will be here shortly and big boy #1 will be 3....3!!!! And #2 will be 1!!!! It's's like the last 3 years have gone by in a blink of an eye...

Well...time to live in the NOW...and in 2 weeks...I'll be on my last man-cation for a while. At least until the boys are a bit older...and then the day will come when they get to come with their old dad...that should be interesting...

So, back to 2 weeks from now...actually more like 12 days, and they'll go by quick I'm sure (I have plenty to do over the next while so I'm sure there won't be enough hours in the day).

Then, finally, the wife gets to have a break and off to St Lucia we go in April. Should be a blast....1 week on a beach in the sun with an open bar and no reason to get up in the middle of the night cause the knee biters will be at home with the Grand

and because of that, I leave you with this (it's basically how I will feel when I have my first pint on the beach)

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