Monday, May 16, 2011

Vegas Baby

In the words of Trent and Mike 'VEGAS BABY !'

We're off to enjoy some sun, poker, good food, 1$ beverages, and midnight steak and eggs sans the offspring (yes, we do plan to take them on a vacation some time....just not to Vegas).

We'll be staying at the Planet Hollywood Westgate Towers (we bought a weekend there almost 3 years ago and are now finally using it).

We got a call from our personal assistant dude named Joe on Saturday (he called by mistake...we thought we were arriving yesterday...).

Should be fun...we plan to do a number of things we always talked about but never got around to doing on previous trips. 1) We are having big beers at Hofbrauhaus 2) Breakfast at the Peppermill 3) a fancy dinner....years ago we had an amazing meal at L'atelier...expensive, but awesome...and we said we would like to do another ridiculous meal like that again some this is it...maybe Andre's...maybe Alize...we'll see (need to book it in the next couple days) 4) Drinks at the Voodoo lounge 5) go to a club...I guess the wife knows someone who knows someone who can get us into some club....wacky...I might have to bring more than shorts 5) more poker tourneys...last time I was there I played sit and go and 1 tourney...I wanted to play more but didn't get the chance, this time the wife and I both will be playing.

Let's crank it up !!!!

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