Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wacky Nights

So I've discovered that if I have a snack just before bed I will have WILDLY VIVID WACKED OUT DREAMS....I'm not talking about eating a fred flintstone sandwich or a big bowl of ice could be a handful of grapes...or, a piece of carrot...that's the interesting (and fun) part.

So now I'm experimenting [of course]...last night I had a piece of toast....that produced the weird sensation that there were plants growing at the base of the bed (ON the bed) and when I had to get up half awake to check on a crying baby, I swear i kicked one off the bed (I actually looked for it for a second)...I forget what I had the night before but I dreamt there was some strange red light coming out of the alarm clock that could do something to me (read my mind ? kill me ? I have no idea... it was a wacky dream) but I had to pull the sheet over my head to stop the red light....the funny thing is I was actually doing it and woke up all sweaty and hot with the sheet over my head...

Tonight ? I'm trying out a handful of cherries...this should be fun...HERE WE GO !

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