Monday, August 15, 2011

Big Boys First Movie

I took the big boy to his first movie yesterday. He was quite excited...I don't think he had any idea what we were going to do, but he gets excited whenever he's off on an 'adventure'.

We went and saw Winnie the was a perfect length for a guy who's 3...just about 1 hour (it had a short at the beginning)...the whole thing was VERY Disney (as I remember it as a kid).

He seemed pretty impressed with the whole thing (the big chair was quite a fun thing to play with) and he only got up a couple times to say hi to everyone in the theater and tell me that the light was coming out at the top...other than that, he enjoyed his movie and smarties....

I think the overall story/theme of the movie was lost on him, but he did start saying 'bother' like Pooh when we left.

I don't think that this will be a regular thing for him just yet...but the next Toy Story or Cars that hits the screens we'll probably check out.

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