Thursday, August 4, 2011

Recent Movies

Quick reviews of 3 movies:

Green Lantern: What was the problem with this ? It wasn't that bad (maybe it's 'cause I'm not a huge GL fanboy)....Blake Lively sucks (her best role was cracked out chick in The Town), many jokes fell flat, Easter egg ending didn't make sense in the context of the movie...I get that Sinestro was power hungry, but it wasn't that clear in the main body of the movie...I'd give it 2.5 fancy boy rings out of 5

Captain America: It was pretty good, skinny Steve Rogers effects were very good, good balance of serious and comedy...not enough fight action between Red Skull and Cap...over all, worth seeing...I give it 4 flag wavers out of 5

Cowboys & Aliens: Wow....great cast, bad movie...why are technologically advanced aliens always vicious bug like beings ?? Seems all the jokes fell flat on this one...not worth it, wait for it on T.V. for free...I give it 1 bandit with amnesia out of 10

I still have to see Bridesmaids, Terrible Bosses, Harry Potter and a few others....

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