Friday, October 21, 2011

Headin' home

Just finished up outside of Ottawa...Thurso (pronounced Tur-zo) to be exact. I stayed in Rockland (of course i did....isn't that a Kim Mitchell tune ?) which is right across the river. Each morning I'd shake my arse outta bed at 6ish and take the ferry to Quebec to be on site by 7ish (very ish on the second day ).

Started out slow but ended with a big heading home.

Didn't see too much out here other than country side since it's been raining (and I'm too lazy to get outta the car and the rain). It's a nice quiet area..lots of trees turning shades of red and yellow.

I should have a much more interesting road trip report in 2 weeks.

time to find some din din....S'barro ? mmmmmmmm

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