Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Naw'lans Pics

Monday morning we went to a place called Buffa's Bar & Restaurant for a burger (it was 9:30am). We were told we couldn't leave town without having one(It indeed was a good burger). I still am not too sure why Americans will ask how we want a burger done ????...this is ground beef people...COOK IT ! I want it well done...no ecoli for me thank you very much.

I think this sign on a bar on Bourbon Street pretty much sums up this place..... (we did not go in)

My first bowl of Turtle soup...very very good ! I can't remember the name of the place...it was a seafood place outside of the downtown...they went through so many oysters the back parking lot was coated with the crushed shells.

We went out looking for 'Gators in the Bayou...only manged to spot a couple small ones (too small to really show up on the pictures). This is just a shot of the pathway down to the swamp.

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