Thursday, February 20, 2014

Couple recent pics and stuff's now mid/end of Feb and I have been doing a shit job of keeping this up....I know I know...I keep saying I will, but then stuff gets in the first world problems (you know...I'm laying on the couch and my laptop is waaaaaay over there).

In the last while I've seen a few movies (47 Ronin...not bad, is what it is, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit...not bad...nothing ground breaking)...

I am now booked for UK ST Paddys 2014....even though I say it each time, this will most likely be the last one (due to are getting out of hand). I'll update from the UK on this one....we'll see if I can actually update daily.

Couple new projects on the go that are keeping me busy (hopefully a big one down south.....just waiting on that one).'s a few pics to hold you over. (NOLA, Shanghai, UK, Mexico)

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