Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Where have you been?....or? Am I done with this thing?

I know I know....I keep saying I have to come back to this thing and start posting again....I just don't seem to have the time...actually, that's not true...I have time while my fat ass is in front of the tele watching corry...maybe it's lack of interest? could be....

I suppose there's plenty to rant about...from the lack of good movies (good god was Godzilla bad....) to nonsense in the recent news...

I did a bit of travel in the last few months...back to Chicago (I love that town), Vegas (screw you craps table) and Vancouver....all good trips....heading back to Van real soon.

I'll need to get some inspiration....maybe the road trip will do something.

to hold you over until I get doing's a funny picture of the Rock when he was a Sunshine Boy in '97
Nice fanny pack and Kid n Play hair Dwayne

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