Saturday, December 26, 2015

Shit happens and it's the end of the year

Good god it's the end of 2015 and yet people are just as hate able as they were in the 40's and 50's
God  I hate people. Yes trump....I'm looking at you along with plenty of others. ..and locals

Racism is being masked by some sort of defence against terrorism,  economic stupidity abounds. .....and sensitivity is now the ultimate utopia. ....oh...I'm sorry,  did I offend you?  I'm so profoundly sorry ..

2015 has seen the end of the 40 year conservative dynasty in alberta, the hiring of a failed drama teacher to be the prime minister,  a new star wars and Canada losing their opening game in the world juniors. god. ...are we doomed ?

While I could pontificate on any of these points. ..I'll wait until 2016...I know I will have a few spare moments each day to add a thought

So i will just say.  Merry Christmas.  .happy new year

And,  let's just hope oil goes up to at least 60 next year.

See you in 2016